Fall in Love With Your Life

I was talking with a close friend of mine who has been through the ringer the past few years. Infertility, 2 still births + recently found out her mom has stage 4 breast cancer. We talked about how the devil preys on our weakness and often makes us envy others who seem to have it so easy. You know, the ones who effortlessly get pregnant just by looking at their husbands, have a perfect pregnancy and then pop out 4 healthy, beautiful children with ease?!

After having our mini pity party, we began to realize how offensive it is to God, our children we've lost + our husbands to wish we had it as easy as someone else. We discussed all the beauty that has come from the ashes: the growth in our relationship with God, the strength in our marriage, the new perspectives we have on life. We came to the conclusion that we owe it to God, ourselves, our husbands + our children to fall in love with our lives instead of complaining about them.

Our lives are our story and no one else's. The pain + suffering, the tearing down + building up, crying out to God + feeling His comfort, holding our babies + giving them back, having our dreams shattered + learning to accept God's plan is not our own....ALL of that is our life, it's our story - no one else's.

As hard as life has been, we have two choices: to resent God, to wish this story that's been written as our lives wasn't true, to envy others for having it so easy OR we can choose to love. To love God for never leaving us through our times of suffering, to love our lives that have chewed us up and spit us out knowing we have survived, to love others + remember their lives are their stories, not ours. This life is too short to not love + appreciate it.

I'm making a conscious effort to fall in love with my life. To love the good + the bad. I'm finding there is so much freedom + peace when focusing on my family + my story that has been hand written by God instead of wasting my time wishing it was different.

I challenge you today to thank God for the life He's given you. I challenge you to shut out the devil, start focusing on what YOU DO have, not what you don't have + learn to fall in love with your life ❤️

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