God's Perfect Gift

I remember when I first reached out to @quinnleexo 's Mama. I had recently lost Reagan to Turner Syndrome and was searching on Instagram for other women to connect with who also had daughters wth TS. Quinnlee's Mom was just pregnant with her at the time and had found out while carrying Quinnlee that she had TS.

I reached out to her to ask if I could pray for her and Quinnlee as I had also been told my baby girl had TS but had recently lost her. I began following Quinnlee's journey and found hope and strength through her Mama. Quinnlee made it Earthside and I remember feeling so incredibly happy for her Mama.

Only 1% of babies that have Turner Syndrome live to full-term. Quinnlee and her Mom are both fighters, both warriors and both so special to me.

I couldn't be more proud to see her wearing this onesie that was designed by me and inspired by my daughter that I'm currently pregnant with after losing two daughters, Reagan and Hannah, to Turner Syndrome.

These onesies are available to order in white, navy and pink at https://www.reagantwentyfive.com/collections/little-tees/products/prayed-for-waited-for-infant-one-piece

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