Grieving With God

When you lose a child you automatically become a member of a club that no one ever wants to be in. But once you're in, you're in - and it's your responsibility to help new members who join navigate through this unthinkable, unimaginable time that no mother should ever have to go through.

A friend of mine lost her 2nd baby this week. She said to me, "I don't know how to get through this but I know it's easier with friends like you."

Here was my response:

"No one ever knows how to get through this. No one should ever know how to get through this. It's messy and different day by day. All you can do is one day at a time. And sometimes that's even too much and you need to just take it hour by hour.

The easiest way for me to not get lost in my depression is to recognize when satan is preying on my weakness. It is easier to envision grabbing a hold of God's hand and having him pull me up and out of the darkness while kicking satan in the face on my way up. It gives me something to focus on and I feel accomplished when I win by not letting him control my thoughts and heart.

Grieving is necessary and should be done. It is needed to heal. Grieving with God and not satan is the only way I made it out alive."

If you're a member of the Mother's Who've Lost Their Children club - new or old - grab a hold of God's hand and hang on tight. Let him pull you up and when you do, don't forget to grab the hand of a friend and bring them with you.

What would your response be? How have you been able to keep going during a time you so badly wanted to give up?

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