Have a Game Plan

Good morning, friends! It's a fresh new day to raise your little ones up in the way they should go ❤

Start your day off with a prayer, grab some coffee and choose to lead your little one by example. If you start to feel those little tiny tornados beating you down today 😂 switch things up a bit.

Being prepared with a list of go-to activities for when you feel like you're running low on kindness, energy and patience is key to keeping chaos at a minimum. Especially during these cold days when we're stuck inside all day, I'm 9 months pregnant and my toddler gave up naps a year ago!

Here's my game plan for the day, what are some of your go-to activities?!

- Morning cartoons and breakfast so I can pray, load up on caffeine and get prepared for the day.

- Color a picture for Grandma to help her feel better. I plan to use this time to talk to my daughter about why we should do acts of kindness for others to make them feel good.

- Turn on some worship music while we get some chores done. Listening to worship music always helps me to have a better attitude about doing housework 😉

- Get our snack time place mats out from @legacylearningacademy for some fun learning during a quick snack

- Play time (Harper's choice) while I plan and prep for lunch. This usually includes princess dress up.

- Lunch time

- Stickers, play-doh, or puzzles (some sort of sitting at the table activity) while I clean up lunch time mess and she most likely makes another 😂

- QUIET TIME - this is key for keeping my sanity. Harper is allowed to play games on her Kindle or watch a tv show of her choice while I have a little time to do some things I need to get done.

- Dinner prep. Harper loves to help cook. I give her little jobs to pour in different ingredients, open up packages or stir things together. While dinner is cooking I also fill the sink up with some soapy water and plastic cups and bowls and let her "do the dishes". This can get a little messy but it's only water and keeps her entertained!

- After dinner we will either play a game (Let's Go Fishin' or Thin Ice are her current favorites) or do a learning activity in her activity workbook.

- Bath Time 🛁
- Story time 📚

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