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During the week of September 12th, four shops have teamed up to promote the importance of shopping for a cause.  Not only is it important to support small business owners, but it's also important to support small business owners who give back a portion of your money to help others.

Each shop will be highlighted throughout the week sharing their story behind their shop, the cause they support and a few tips for fellow small shop owners.  Be sure to check out each shop and read the Q&A with my shop, Reagan Twenty Five, below!

Reagan Twenty Five

  • Owner: Heather Bienz
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @reagantwentyfive
  • 25% off coupon code: SHOPFORACAUSE

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?

Reagan Twenty Five, LLC was started in October 2015 and named after my 2nd daughter, Reagan Bienz, who we lost on May 28, 2015 during my 25th week of pregnancy to Turner Syndrome.  We found out Reagan was sick during my 10th week of pregnancy and were told she would not make it to full-term. I carried my sick baby until her heart stopped at 25 weeks and delivered her still-born.  In March 2016 we lost our next baby girl, Hannah, to Turner Syndrome as well.

I was looking for a way to process my grief, share my testimony with others and also help support other families impacted by Turner Syndrome. All shirts are designed by me and are inspired by my journey after losing my two daughters, Reagan and Hannah.

Q: What do you want readers to know about your brand?

My goal is not to just create trendy, faith based t-shirts. My hope is to create a community of support, inspiration and love all while encouraging others that by having faith and trust in God, we can make it through this life with hope, peace and comfort no matter how difficult our circumstances may be.  Each one of you who share your stories with me not only help heal my heart, but also remind me that God provides beauty no matter how deep the pain. We are not alone in our sufferings.

Q: What type of items do you sell in your shop?

I sell women and children's faith based t-shirts. All shirts are hand screen printed here in America and printed on apparel made in America. I pray the shirts you wear from my shop or any other faith based shop plants seeds in the hearts of others for God to grow and bring them closer to Him. 

Q: Tell us more about the cause your shop supports and why is this cause important to you.

Reagan Twenty Five donates 25% to an organization called Leaping Butterfly Ministry.

Leaping Butterfly Ministry relies on donations to change lives, to create awareness of Turner syndrome and support for those touched by TS.

It costs $300 to sponsor one girl with TS to attend the National Turner Syndrome conference each year where they receive education and access to the best Dr's across the country who specialize in Turner Syndrome.

Hearing loss is also common in girls and women with TS. One hearing aid costs $1,500.

Last year, Reagan Twenty Five, along with Violet Bowtique, was able to purchase one hearing aid and sponsor 7 girls to attend the national conference!

Q: If you had to choose 3 reasons why people should support small businesses, what would they be?

1. You may often pay a little more from a small business or handmade business than what you would pay at a large retail store, but it's important to remember that small business owners are making or designing our products ourselves. This means our costs are higher. We are not purchasing materials from other countries with little to no labor laws. We are using American made products and our own time to create unique, individual products specifically for YOU - not mass produced items that can be made at a lower cost.

2. Most big business are just that - in it for the business and the money. They are often owned by shareholders who expect their share of money and make decisions based on profit.  Small business owners are often individuals or families using money to support themselves and their children or other causes that are important to them (like Turner Syndrome).

3. The individuality and creativity behind products from small businesses is something you often can't find with a large retail store. Small businesses often have custom products, limited quantities and original ideas. 

Q: What do you love most about being a small business owner?

I love being able to connect with my customers. There are so many women out there who have experienced infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss and adoption loss. It can feel like such a lonely road. If I'm able to meet someone through this small business of mine and give them even the smallest sense of hope and remind them that God loves them and they are not alone, then this small business becomes a ministry and the glory goes to God, not me. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?

Create a brand, not a business. There are hundreds of other people who will most likely be selling a similar product as you but what sets you apart from them is YOU. Build a brand where people choose to support you because of the positive experience they receive every time they come in contact with you - whether that be through social media posts, newsletters, quality products, excellent customer service, quick shipping or just going the extra mile.  One of my favorite quotes is "Go the extra mile. It's never crowded." I try to apply this to my business to set myself apart from others. 

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