The Power of Prayer

It's been a very long, emotional day and there are no words that can be used to express the amount of love we felt from our friends and family today as we traveled to St. Vincent for a second opinion on sweet baby Reagan. The outpouring of prayers was beyond overwhelming and we are so humbled that so many people took the time out of their day to pray and let us know we were on their hearts.

Unfortunately, we did not receive the news we were hoping for. Without going into the painful, medical details, we've got one severely sick baby who is already a miracle in herself to be living. There is nothing medically the Dr.'s can do to even attempt to save her. We have chosen to let God continue to work out His plan for us while we hang on to the moments He allows us to have with her before taking her home.

Several of you have asked how you can help. At this time, prayers are the most powerful thing you can do. If you don't pray, just send positive thoughts our way and He will still hear you. We're only in the middle of this journey and have a long way to go. We are tired, heartbroken, angry, thankful, overwhelmed and any other emotion you can think of. But we do have moments of rest, peace, comfort and love. We know those moments come from God uplifting us during your prayers and that means more to us than you will ever know.


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