About Reagan Twenty Five

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Hi, I'm Heather Bienz - the one mama maker & shop owner behind Reagan Twenty Five and this is my family - My husband, Jeramy, our 2.5 year old, Harper, and our rainbow baby on the way, Rayna.

Reagan Twenty Five, LLC was started in October 2015 and named after my 2nd daughter, Reagan Bienz, who we lost on May 28, 2015 during my 25th week of pregnancy to Turner Syndrome.  

Turner Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that occurs when all or part of one of the female X chromosomes is lost before or soon after the time of conception. It is not connected to or passed on from either parent and there is nothing a person can do to increase or decrease the chance of this happening. 

Because Turner Syndrome is a "random" occurrence and is not hereditary, we were told our chances of conceiving another baby with Turner Syndrome would be extremely rare. To our surprise, we lost our 3rd daughter, Hannah, on March 23, 2016 to Turner Syndrome as well. 

Reagan Twenty Five is a collection of faith based clothing, accessories and gifts where 25% of all proceeds are donated to help support other families impacted by infant loss.

There are special occasions throughout the year in which 100% of all proceeds are donated:

  • February - Turner Syndrome Awareness Month
  • March 23rd - Hannah's birthday
  • May 28th - Reagan's birthday
  • October 15th - Infant and pregnancy loss awareness day

I hope to create a community of support, inspiration and love all while encouraging others that by having faith and trust in God, we can make it through this life with hope, peace and comfort no matter how difficult our circumstances may be.  Each one of you who share your stories with me not only help heal my heart, but also remind me that God provides beauty no matter how deep the pain. 

Thank you for your love and support! I ask for your prayers while I continue this journey of spreading God's word through my story as a wife to my husband, Jeramy and as a mama to my four girls (2 on Earth and 2 in Heaven); Harper, Reagan, Hannah and our sweet rainbow baby born on January 27, 2017 - Rayna.


Heather Bienz